Molas B300M offshore wind LiDAR was successfully accepted by Ørsted after 6 month strict test

From September 21, 2021 to March 30, 2022, after about 6 months of rigorous testing, Movlaser and the global offshore wind power giant Denmark Ørsted cooperated in the offshore lidar wind measurement – Aether project was successfully accepted. As the only Chinese wind-measuring lidar manufacturer in the official supply chain system of Ørsted Energy, the Molas B300M offshore wind-measuring lidar produced by Movelaser has been highly recognized by Ørsted Energy.

Project Background

As the world’s largest offshore wind power developer, Ørsted Energy’s total installed capacity of offshore wind power has exceeded a quarter of the world’s. In 2022,  Ørsted Energy is awarded the title of “The World’s Most Sustainable Energy Company” and will be listed on the Climate Change A-List, making it a recognized leader in global climate action. In view of the strong demand for offshore wind power wind measurement, Ørsted Energy and Movelaser started the project docking of wind measurement lidar from 2021. This is the first cooperation project between two companies, which will lay a solid foundation for the subsequent cooperation.

Project Details

The project site is located at the Østerild Danish National Large Wind Turbine Test Center in North Jutland, about 3.9 kilometers offshore. Compared with the lidar, a 244-meter anemometer tower is used, and the heights are 10 meters, 40 meters, 50 meters, 70 meters, 106 meters, 140 meters, 178 meters, 210 meters and 244 meters.

The lidar under test is located between 11.5 meters and 15.5 meters west of the north face of the wind tower. The location was chosen to maximize the correlation between the lidar and the wind tower, while avoiding the lidar’s laser beam being obscured by the wind tower and its cable-stayed wires at any location.

Project Location
Molas B300M Site Installation

Molas B300M Performance

After about 6 months of rigorous testing, Molas B300M completed this task with excellent performance and passed the acceptance of Ørsted Energy. The correlation R² between lidar data and cup anemometer data is over 0.9984 (Fig. 4), and the overall data efficiency is over 99% (Fig. 5). This project reflects the advantages of Molas B300M, such as high measurement accuracy, high data efficiency, and stable system performance when implementing offshore wind power wind measurement projects.

Molas B300M Performance

Performance graph of lidar wind measurement performance
Comparison of wind speed between cup anemometer and lidar
Lidar data efficiency evaluation map

In the end, Ørsted Energy spoke highly of our wind-measuring lidar: “Molas B300M provides very high measurement performance and meets most of our expectations for a world-class wind-measuring lidar instrument. ”

Molas B300M has demonstrated its strong wind measurement technology strength in the first cooperation with Ørsted Energy, and verified the advantages of Molas B300M with high measurement accuracy, high data efficiency and stable system performance with actual cases. We also hope that in the future, the Molas B300M can help more offshore wind measurement tasks and contribute to the development of global offshore wind power.