Movelaser Wind lidars are supporting 2022 winter olympics

Zhangjiakou chongli Yunding snow field was selected as the 2022 winter olympics venue, in order to ensure that during the winter olympics, the event is not disturbed by the weather, at the end of 2018, the china meteorological administration began to build a meteorological support network for the winter olympics, and Movelaser was designated as one of the lidar suppliers for the meteorological support project of the 2022 winter olympics, the project uses profile lidar and doppler lidar to form a real-time atmospheric monitoring network to ensure the smooth progress of the winter olympics. Movelaser actively responds to the requirements of the china meteorological administration, deeply develops and provides customized solutions.

The use of lidar for meteorological observation can improve the accuracy of weather forecasting. Using lasers instead of radio waves for meteorological observations, according to the doppler frequency shift, lidar can measure the movement rate of tiny aerosol particles in the air, and calculate the meteorological information in the measurement area after precise calculation , real-time monitoring of meteorological indicators in the area.

At present, the wind measurement lidar used in the domestic meteorological industry, its mainstream product is still the wind profile lidar, the application of lidar in the meteorological industry is still not standardized, and the parameter requirements and performance indicators have not yet been concretized and digitized. At present, the China meteorological administration has prepared a demand book for the use of lidar, which completed and issued in the second half of 2019, which will make a qualitative change in the application of lidar in meteorology, and will also serve as the main basis for the use of lidar by the local meteorological bureau.

Compared with the wind profile lidar high cost, low resolution, poor concealment, inconvenient to carry and other issues, the advantages of lidar are highlighted, lidar has high resolution, good concealment, strong low-altitude detection ability, portable dexterity, low cost, it is based on the lidar technology is increasingly perfect, the advantages are gradually highlighted, and it is more and more recognized by the meteorological industry. In some areas, if a large number of ranges of wind profile lidar are used with lidar high and low altitudes, forming a high-low complementary observation mode, it can also improve the accuracy of meteorological prediction.

With the development of the times, the timeliness and accuracy of meteorological forecasting have higher and higher requirements, it is necessary to find better solutions, the rapid development of market demand, but also the best catalyst for technological innovation, laser wind measurement radar continuous innovation and improvement, more and more close to the needs of the meteorological market, the future development trend, lidar will play a more important role in the meteorological industry.